Root Canal - Pryor Creek Dental
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Root Canal

A root canal will relieve your pain and save your tooth from decay.

Root Canal

You shouldn’t be concerned when your dentist prescribes a root canal to treat your tooth. Dr. Shankle has treated many patients and has gotten great results. A root canal is a procedure to help relieve pain and save your tooth from further decay.

A root canal treats the inside of your tooth past the enamel. When the pulp of the tooth is infected or inflamed due to decay that has moved past the enamel it is often time for a root canal. The pulp must be treated to ensure that the tooth isn’t lost. This can also be caused by cracked or broken crowns or damaged teeth. If left untreated in can lead to severe pain and lost teeth.

The Procedure
During a root canal procedure the infected pulp is taken out of the inside of the tooth. The core of the tooth is disinfected and cleaned and then sealed. A filling is placed inside the tooth where the pulp once was. The tooth is then restored with a crown to cover the filled tooth. Once you’ve had a root canal and received your crown the tooth will look and function like a normal tooth and will be pain free and infection free.