Cone Beam X-Rays - Pryor Creek Dental
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Cone Beam X-Rays

Our team is committed to serving you with top-notch dental service. Our goal is to provide you with all of the information you need so that you can make informed decisions about the dental work you select.

Cone Beam X-Rays

Dental cone beam computed tomography is a type of facial x-ray that we provide at Pryor Creek Dental. It uses a special type of technology that produces a 3D image of your teeth, bone, nerve pathways, and soft tissue in the craniofacial region. It is not typically used routinely because the radiation exposure is a bit more than the typical dental x-ray. 

Before getting this x-ray there are a few things your need to know. It is important to wear comfortable, loose fitting, clothing. Metal objects such as jewelry, hairpins, and eyeglasses may affect your scan and need to be removed before your exam. 

Some of the common uses of the procedure include, accurate placement of dental implants, evaluation of the jaw, sinuses, and nasal cavity, surgical planning for impacted teeth, and reconstructive surgery. It is very helpful in producing a very high-quality 3D image of your craniofacial region so that your dentist or endodontist can pinpoint certain spots that are hard to see with other x-rays. Pryor Creek Dental provides Cone Beam x-rays for our patients who need more than just a traditional dental x-ray.